About Me

Here's a little bit about me! 
“Mommy, please don’t leave me”

23 years ago I had a good JOB, got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl named Rachel. I earned a great salary, was married and figured I could manage working, being a mom, a wife and take care of our home.
By the time my daughter was over a year old I knew I was a terrible working mom. Everyday my daughter would latch onto my leg and cry “mommy don’t leave me” as I headed off to my JOB.
The straw that finally broke the camels back came when our company sent us to a time management seminar so we could better manage our time and make more money for the company. After 3 days of tracking my time, I realized that I was spending 1.5 hours a day with my precious baby daughter.
It became obvious to me that my corporate Ann Taylor suits; my business lunches and my great JOB, with my big paycheck could not take the place of time spent with my baby Rachel.

So I went looking for a better way.  Researching home businesses so I could put my family first and still earn a six-figure income.
That was 23 years ago and I have never been more grateful that I said, “yes” to a home-based business with consumable products that are Pure, Safe & Beneficial. I love that I can work from my cell phone and my laptop, go to yoga when I feel like it, take vacations when it works for my family and visit my kids and not have to ask anyone for time off.

My passion now is to help others live a healthier lifestyle, create residual income streams and not feel stuck between their family, their finances and their career.

Here’s to your best life, it’s waiting for you!


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